Sourcing, Roasting & Grinding since 1972

Kumaradhara Coffee began on a journey to make finest fresh Indian Coffees available in a non-traditional region like Pune.

We source our coffee from only the best regions of India. Majorly, Chikmagalur which is known for the best source of Arabica Coffees.

Indian Coffee sourced from best regions on India

 After years of experience and roasting on a few different machines, we have perfected our roasting which most loved by our customers since 49 Years now.

All our coffees are Medium Roasted depicting a perfect balance of Taste, Flavour & Aroma. It has led us to provide a consistent rich experience of have a cup of coffeee, every single time.

We use PROBAT Roaster which is currently the best coffee roasting machine.

Medium Roasted coffee on a PROBAT roaster

Grinding is an extremely important aspect of brewing coffee. Each and every instrument requires a precise grind sized coffee powder. There is no one size fits all thing here.

We grind the coffee beans, precisely, for the instrument that you need it for. We do this on the German grinder MAHLKöNIG which has accurate grind size measurement ranging from 1 to 13. So when you place your orders we always ask you to let us know the instrument that you use for brewing so that you get perfect grind sized coffee which gives the best results.

We grind coffees using German grinder MAHLKöNIG


And that is how we Source, Roast & Grind our finest Indian Coffees for you!