How to make Filter Coffee?

9 steps to make Filter Coffee using the Indian Filter (Video below)

How to use the Indian Filter?

Follow the simple steps given below and you will get a thick syrupy brew in under 20 minutes.

The steps are specifically for the Indian coffee filter of the size that is suitable to make 1-2 cups of filter coffee

Step 1 - Put 120-130ml water to boil on the stove or use a kettle

Step 2 - Open the filter and you will see the plunger or the pressing disc placed inside the upper chamber. Pull out the plunger and place it aside to be used later

Step 3 - Now, take 4 tablespoons of grounded Kumaradhara Coffee for 2 cups. Pour the coffee powder into the upper or filter chamber of the device.




Step 4 - Gently shake the device for the coffee powder to settle. Once a soft coffee bed is formed without any lumps, tap the filter lightly on a hard surface only once. Kindly remember not to tap the filter more than once. 

Step 5 - This step holds our special trick, bringing the plunger into the picture. Hold the plunger above the settled coffee bed. Do not press the plunger onto it. While holding the plunger above the coffee, pour a little amount of hot boiling water. Once done, remove the plunger and place it aside. Now, fill the upper or filter chamber of the device with the remaining hot water up to the outline. For four tablespoons of coffee powder (28-30 grams), you may use 100-110 millilitres of boiling water. 

Step 6 - Place the lid to cover the device and let it stand untouched for 12-15 minutes. After that, upon removing the lid, you will observe that the hot water has dripped down into the lower or collection chamber

Step 7 - Now, lift the upper chamber using a cloth as it will be hot and you will have a perfectly brewed decoction in the lower chamber

Step 8 - Divide the decoction into two cups (30ml approx) and then add hot milk to it. Add sugar as per your preference.

Step 9 - Instead of stirring your coffee, take another cup to pour your coffee into it and then back into the first cup. Now, enjoy your perfect cup of coffee!

Golden Rule - Do not reheat decoction in any form!

The above steps are specifically for the Indian coffee filter that is suitable to make 1-2 cups. In case you have a filter of a different size and aren’t sure how to make coffee using it, you can always reach out to Kumaradhara Coffee Traders on (phone number) for further assistance. Also, watch this video below to get a better idea of how to make Filter Coffee using an Indian filter

Here's a quick video on How to make filter coffee using Indian Filter


What is Indian Filter?

The Indian coffee filter is a cylindrical brewing device that is usually made of brass or steel. It comes with two chambers that fit one over the other. The upper or filter chamber is perforated, that is pierced with numerous holes, and is used for filtering the decoction. The lower or collection chamber is used to collect the decoction. There is also a plunger or a pressing disc and a lid to cover the device.

The Indian coffee filter is one of the simplest equipment and the easiest to use for brewing a perfect blend of coffee. While the filters come in a wide range of sizes, the ones that brew 1-2 cups or 3-4 cups of coffee are a household favorite. These are also very inexpensive and easily portable. The Indian filters tend to last a lifetime as they do not have any non-metal or consumable parts like rubber gaskets. Using it, you can get a thick syrupy decoction that can not only be used for making a cup of coffee but also in a variety of other preparations like a coffee cake, ice cream, and milkshakes. Read on and discover how you can use the simple yet effective Indian coffee filter.