Peaberry Premium
Peaberry Premium
Peaberry Premium
Peaberry Premium
Peaberry Premium

Peaberry Premium

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The most aromatic coffee with symphony of floral notes. Best for Black Coffee Lovers!

A MEDIUM LIGHT ROAST Coffee, Peaberry Premium, offers you a bright and rich flavoured cup of coffee. The reason it is called Premium is because it displays taste profile that is brighter and rich flavoured than normal peaberry coffee. Opt for this if you like a flavourful and aroma rich cup of coffee. Best for black coffee lovers.

  • Taste Profile - A bright and rich symphony of fruitish-floral notes with balanced acidity
  • Suggested Brewing Method - Indian Filter, French Press, Aeropress & Pour Over
  • Suggested Consuming Method - Full milk coffee and Black Coffee


Please note, 

  • If you want Coffee powder of specific grind size (1 to 13) mention it in the "Add a note" box on Cart page (right top icon) after you add the product in your cart
  • In case of any confusion connect with us while placing the order

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Lakshme Ganesh
Order changed

I ordered cofee beans got cofee powder

Vasant karve
Excellant coffee.

You have kept up the good standard of products .

Dileep Deshpande
Peaberry Premium the strong bitter coffee

I drink Espresso made from a hand press machine. PP is a strong bitter coffee and needs to be blended with a milder one to optimise taste. I have blended it with Royale or Sawaai and found the taste closer to what I like. PP is an essential coffee for most of my Espresso blends, the other is Mysore Nuggets which is less bitter but more rounded and full flavoured.

Ulhas Limaye

Introduce a variety by combining peaberry with Robusta. Both in equal quantity.

Abhishek gandhi
Best coffee powder shop.

It was approx 15-20 year back when I was kind of pulled towards this shop at Deccan, Pune.
It was bec of the fragrance of ground coffee.
When I reached the shop it was like being in heaven! But I was confused what to buy.
I was totally new to coffee brewing but I used to like filter coffee than instant coffee.
The shopkeeper asked me ' what do u want?'
With my confusion I said ' I don't know.... but I want coffee beans'
'Beans only?! What for? Do u work in fragrance industry? 'He asked.
Then I told him my confusion that I like coffee at Vaishali, Rupali restaurants but my coffee never tastes the same.
Then he explained me the whole process right from choosing the beans, grinding size and brewing pot etc.
Since then I have been buying Peaberry from the shop.
I have also tried other shops in Pune as well as from South India. The only other coffee ground I liked was Parimala from Sagar.
Anyway, Peaberry from Kumardhara is the best option for me and my guests love its aroma and taste.
I also give five stars to the owner of the shop. He is very nice person to talk to.