Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold
Mysore Nuggets | Fresh Coffee Beans | Fresh Coffee Powder
Mysore Nuggets | Fresh Coffee Beans | Fresh Coffee Powder
Mysore Nuggets | Fresh Coffee Beans | Fresh Coffee Powder
Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold

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Bold in nature.

"Nuggets" denote their precious similarity to gold while "Extra Bold" talks of the bean's large size. A cup of MEDIUM LIGHT ROASTED Mysore Nuggets Coffee has a very strong aroma and gives you fine flavour with nuances of earthy notes. It gives you a rich flavourful experience.

  • Taste Profile - Bold in nature. It's got a strong body with nutty, caramelly taste with a tinge of earthy notes
  • Suggested Brewing Method - Indian Filter, French Press, Pour Over and Aeropress
  • Suggested Consuming Method - Full milk coffee, cold brew and black coffee

Please note,

  • If you want Coffee powder of specific grind size (1 to 13) mention it in the "Add a note" box on Cart page (right top icon) after you add the product in your cart
  • In case of any confusion connect with us while placing the order

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Kshitij Saxena

My go to coffee for moka pot

Dileep Deshpande
Mysore Nuggets

I make my Espresso in a manual machine. Mysore Nuggets is a great all rounded blend and can be used to make strong Espresso by itself. If bitterness needs to be reduced, one third of Sawaai or Malabar can be included. A total of 15 Gms is sufficient for a medium cup.

Jaideep B
New Personal favorite ! Mysore nuggets

Changed my favorite to Mysore nuggets from Sawai Blend !

Viswanathan Sarathchandran
Mysore nugget

A bit sour in taste

Pricey - But Worth It

As always, love the coffe from Kumaradhara. Wish something was done regarding the price . Maybe some bulk discount.